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Mouth Guards

A mouthguard is a specially made, flexible rubber-like cover which fits exactly over your teeth and gums, cushioning them and protecting them from damage. If you or your child participates in any kind of physical sport there is a risk of dental damage and we would advise the use of a mouth guard.

Viva Dental can provide well-designed custom-made mouth guards that provide protection and comfort for people who enjoy sporting activities. Please contact a member of our dental team for more information.

What is a mouth guard?
They provide a degree of protection for the mouth’s soft tissues and also help protect the teeth and jaw bones. Mouth guards are a custom-fitted, flexible rubber-like cover which fits exactly over your teeth and gums, cushioning them and protecting them from damage.

When do you need a mouth guard?
A mouth guard is an essential part of the equipment needed for just about any sport. Whenever you play a sport that involves physical contact or moving objects it is important to wear a professionally made mouth guard. A mouthguard protects the teeth from being knocked out or fractured, cutting or bruising and reduce the chance of jaw bone fractures.

Do children need a mouth guard?
Yes they do, and particularly so if they are taking part in any sporting activity.

Where can you get a mouth guard made?
Viva Dental will be happy to make you a custom-made mouth guard. The dentist will first take an impression of you teeth to make a plaster cast for the mouth guard. Once the mouth guard has been made the dentist will invite you to return so that they can evaluate the mouth guard’s fit and refine it as necessary so that it fits your mouth perfectly.

How much do mouth guards cost?
Mouth guards are not available on the NHS. We will always provide you with an estimate before starting to make your mouth guard. Please contact Viva Dental for more information.

How long will your mouth guard last?
Mouth guards will suffer from wear and tear and so will need to be replaced as necessary. As you are growing, new teeth come through and move into position and may result in your mouth guard becoming loose. If this happens your mouth guard will need to be remade to fit the shape of the mouth. Adults may not need to have their mouth guards replaced quite so often but if you do notice any loose fitting or change in fir to your mouth guard please contact your dentist.

How should you care for your mouth guard?
Clean your mouth guard after every use by rinsing it off using cool water and gently scrub the mouth guard with toothbrush. Keep your mouth guard in a well-ventilated hard case to dry out thoroughly between each use.


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