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Teeth Whitening

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If you'd like whiter teeth, we offer a full range of teeth whitening services at our professional dental practice in Lancaster to give you a brighter, more confident smile. From gels you apply at home, to surgery-based deep-bleaching treatment, professional tooth whitening is the safe and effective way to remove stains and discolouration, lightening your teeth to the whiteness you want.

Professional teeth whitening can be carried out using a variety of methods – the one we choose will depend on the nature and extent of the discolouration. Most tooth whitening gels use hydrogen peroxide; as this breaks down, oxygen enters the enamel of your teeth and dissolves the discoloured pigments. Tooth whitening is a safe way of improving the natural appearance of your teeth and giving you a whiter, brighter smile.

Why is tooth whitening so popular?

Tooth discolouration is often associated with ageing, an unhealthy lifestyle or ill health, leading people to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Your smile says so much about you - a person who greets the world with a smile is seen as friendly, approachable and confident. Beautiful, lighter coloured teeth convey a sense of youth, good health and happiness. There is no doubt that a whiter, brighter smile looks younger and more appealing.

At Viva Dental, we are seeing an increasing number of patients who want to improve their appearance with brighter looking teeth. Teeth whitening enhances the natural shade of your teeth and can completely transform your smile. If you’re concerned about having discoloured or yellow teeth make sure you contact us to arrange an appointment.

Are there tooth whitening products that I can use at home?

At Viva Dental, we use two types of teeth whitening kit – Home and In-Surgery Deep Bleaching. The method used will depend on your individual requirements.

For home teeth whitening, you will be given a full kit of whitening trays and bleaching gels with comprehensive instructions about how the kit should be used. With the home whitening kit, you will need to apply a gentle bleaching gel to the inside of a whitening tray. These close fitting teeth whitening trays must be worn for a couple of hours each day.

One of the benefits of home tooth whitening is that you have complete control over the end result – you simply stop whitening when your teeth reach the right shade.

How does teeth whitening work?

What tooth whitening products does Viva Dental use?
We use Zoom Advanced Power, which is the market leader in the UK and the US. Zoom whitening includes home trays and a tube of top-up gel, which should be used as directed by your dentist to maintain the colour change long-term.

Are there specific factors that affect tooth whitening?
Smoking, as well as drinking red wine, tea or coffee, can discolour your teeth or make it necessary to top-up your whitening more frequently. We will be happy to look at these factors and advise your accordingly.

If you need any cosmetic work to your teeth – such as a crown, bridge or implant – whitening will be carried out first to make sure that your other dental work is colour-matched to your whitened teeth.

Tooth whitening myths

• Teeth whitening will damage your teeth.
FALSE. The professional tooth whitening products used by Viva Dental use a carefully balanced chemical composition that is designed to offer a safe and natural way of improving your smile. Your teeth are only exposed to the bleaching agent for a short amount of time.

• Discoloured teeth are stronger than white teeth.
FALSE. The shade and colour of our teeth varies hugely from one person to another and has nothing to do with how strong or healthy they are. The only connection between colour and strength is that our teeth become more discoloured as we grow older and may become weaker due to years of use.

• Teeth whitening can be done by anyone.
FALSE. We would always advise you to see a dentist if you are considering having your teeth whitened. A dentist is specially licensed and trained in all aspects of dentistry. All teeth whitening must legally be carried out on the prescription of a dentist once they have conducted a comprehensive assessment of your dental health and suitability for this treatment.


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