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Dental Veneers

Cosmetic dentistry Kendal

Wouldn't you like the confidence of knowing you have a beautiful natural smile?

That's exactly what a dental veneer gives you. A wafer-thin shell of the finest natural dental material turns stained, crooked or damaged teeth into a natural new smile. A smile that everyone will notice.

How can Dental Tooth Veneers help you?

If your front teeth are stained, chipped, crooked or uneven then cosmetic dental veneers will give you a great life-like appearance with minimum tooth adjustment.

A cosmetic tooth veneer is a facing (laminate) on the front of your teeth usually your top teeth, it is precision made by skilled dental technicians to exactly mimic natural teeth. Dental Veneers are made out of a high strength porcelain and are used mainly for aesthetic reasons.

Veneers make teeth look natural and healthy, and because they are very thin and are held in place by a special strong bond (rather like super-glue) very little preparation of the tooth is needed. This means they are a conservative option.

After having the teeth restored with dental veneers the result is a dramatic improvement in aesthetics (the look), the teeth are now whiter, are more rounded and the tips of the teeth are now not so jagged and rough. Overall this makes the patient look much younger, perhaps 10 years younger, and ensures the natural bite and function of the teeth are restored to what they were years ago. Over all a great result.

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