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Viva Care Membership Plan

The ‘Care Plan’ upgrades and extends the privileges of your Essential membership to include cover for any necessary treatment that you need. The Care Plan is available to you once you have had any pending or ongoing treatment completed and become dentally fit.

The monthly fee for our Care Plan is banded, depending on the state of your oral health. We believe that our Care Plan provides you the peace of mind of having comprehensive cover for all your necessary dental treatment requirements.

Benefits & Privileges

  • Access to your clinical team when you need them the most
  • Priority appointment times
  • Healthy Mouth Reviews with your dentist as required
  • Hygiene Therapy with your hygienist as required
  • In-house essential X-rays
  • Necessary fillings
  • Necessary extractions
  • Necessary crowns, bridges dentures etc (excluding lab fees)
  • 20% off elective and cosmetic treatment
  • Preventative dental advice
  • Membership card with 24hr helpline numbers
  • FREE emergency treatment out of practice hours
  • Worldwide accidental insurance and hospital cover

    Please note that Care Plan does not include:

  • Laboratory fees
  • Specialist treatment or referral to specialists
  • Treatment carried out by other than your registered dentist (except emergency temporary treatment)
  • Orthodontics, implants or cosmetic treatment

    Comparative cost of essential dental care

    Dental treatment Care Essentials Pay as you go
    Healthy mouth review Included Included From £58
    Hygiene therapy Included Included From £49
    X-rays (each) Included Included From £7
    Tooth coloured filling Included From £75 From £93
    Extraction Included From £112 From £140
    Gum treatment Included From £39 From £49
    Dentures Lab fee only

    From £460

    From £576

    Crown or Bridge Lab fee only From £440 From £550

    Benefits can only start after the first Direct Debit payment has been received by Viva Dental. Any benefits received will be repayable, should you cancel your membership plan within 6 months of completion of treatment. If you are not a member of the practice already, a one off joining fee of £15 will apply and be taken with your first payment. Our membership is administered by Denplan on our behalf. The insurance component of your plan is arranged through Denplan.

    Full Terms and conditions refer to membership contract.

    Join Viva Dental Membership. It's really easy.
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