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Dental Bridges

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Cosmetic dental bridges are used to repair badly damaged or heavily filled teeth. They restore unsightly teeth and along with it the confidence to smile. They can be made to match the colour of your teeth for a completely natural look, giving you back your natural beautiful smile.

At Viva Dental, we use only the best dental labs to make the bridge for you. We take the time and care required to ensure that the preparation of your tooth and the fitting of the bridge are done meticulously. We make sure that the colour and shape of your bridge is matched as closely as possible to your natural teeth, that it blends beautifully, resulting in gorgeous
natural looking teeth.

What is a Dental Bridge?
A dental bridge is a false tooth or group of teeth that literally bridges the gap left by a missing tooth or teeth. Typically, bridges or implants are used to anchor the bridge on either side of the gap and a fixed bridge cannot be removed once it is in place.

When is a bridge used?
A bridge may be an effective solution if you have lost one or more teeth. They are long-lasting and can completely restore the natural appearance of your smile. A bridge may also restore your ability to properly chew and speak, help maintain the shape of your face, prevent your remaining teeth from drifting out of position and correctly distribute the forces in your bite by replacing your missing teeth.

How is a dental bridge prepared?
Before a bridge can be fitted, it is necessary to cut down and shape the teeth that your bridge will be attached to; this is done by removing some of the outer surface. Once this has been done, we make impressions or moulds of your teeth and the surrounding area so that a bridge can be created that will look natural and will enable you to bite properly.

At Viva Dental, our meticulous approach ensures that the end result is as natural-looking and comfortable as possible. We pass the impression, shade of your teeth and other information to a dedicated dental laboratory where a bespoke bridge will be crafted for you. We only use the best dental labs to make sure that the end result is of the highest standard.

Will it hurt?
No. We use anaesthetic throughout the preparation stage when your teeth are being cut down and shaped. This should feel exactly the same as when you’re having a filling.

How long does this treatment take?
You will need to attend at least two appointments at Viva Dental. During your first visit, we will prepare your teeth, take an impression, choose a shade and fit a temporary bridge. The second appointment usually takes place about two weeks later. During this appointment, we will check that you are happy with the fit and appearance of your bespoke bridge. The dentist may then use a temporary dental cement to fix it in place, as multiple visits may be necessary to check the fit and bite before it is permanently fitted. The number of visits will depend on what the dentist feels is best for you.

How long will my bridge last?
It is important that you brush your teeth regularly and attend routine appointments with your dentist and hygienist. With the right dental care, it is not unusual for a traditional fixed bridge to last at least ten years.

What is a bridge made of?
One of the benefits of having a bridge fitted is that it can restore the appearance of your smile. Our bridges are typically made of porcelain fused to metal or the highest quality dental ceramics. Both materials have a gorgeous, natural-looking appearance that can be colour matched to your surrounding teeth for an end result that will make you feel truly confident.


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