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Healthy Mouth Review

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At Viva Dental, our approach is to encourage preventative techniques. Helping you understand how to maintain the health of your mouth and keep it free of tooth decay and gum decease. Our modern health-promoting approach with continuing care means: fewer fillings; less dental decay, less likelihood of tooth ache, more attractive teeth, reduced costs and helping you keep your own teeth for life.

As a practice dedicated to prevention, in addition to our dentists who specialise in preventative care, our highly qualified hygienists professionally clean your teeth and give you advise on oral health.

Healthy Mouth Review

Preventing tooth decay and gum decease is not just better than cure but cheaper too. Visiting your dentist and hygienist regularly is part of a good preventative / maintenance plan.

The 'Healthy Mouth Review' examination aims to catch problems early. These reviews are thorough. Our experienced dentists will not only examine your teeth and gum for signs of decay and decease but also examine your mouth thoroughly for any visible signs of oral cancer or other such ailments.

Should you require any dental or gum treatment, such as a filling or extraction, you can always rely on the highest standards of dentistry at Viva Dental.

Your membership at Viva Dental, includes the cost of your regular (usually 2 per year) 'Healthy Mouth Review' with
your dentist.

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