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Nervous Patients

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If you find yourself getting nervous before your dental appointment or even when you just think about visiting, then Viva Dental can help.

The dentist can make patients uncomfortable and uneasy, so much so that some may avoid the dentist for years before finally coming to us for treatment. Avoiding the dentist like this can lead to a perfectly treatable dental complaint developing into a real problem that could lead to gum disease or even tooth loss. By ignoring a dental problem because of fear, you risk serious health issues that could have been avoided!

We understand that visiting the dentist can make some patients nervous, so we at Viva Dental want to help you conquer your fear and keep your smile happy and healthy. We demonstrate our investment in your health in our private practice, our service, and our quality of care.

We support nervous patients with our:

• Exceptional and understanding service
• Comfortable and unrushed appointments
• Experienced and approachable dental team
• Open and informed consultations with questions encouraged
• Individualised treatment plans that best suit each patient
• Supportive environment in our private practice
• Accessible appointments that a friend or family member may accompany you to

Viva Dental have always been proud of our patient-focussed care and our attention to individual treatment. Our private Lancaster practise in Carnforth offers professional care to all patients, new or existing, and will always strive to fill you with confidence.

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